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Probate & Guardianship Litigation

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Ideally, probate and guardianship matters will resolve quickly and amicably, benefitting all involved. However, this is not always the case, as some people may have understandable reasons for contesting the probate process or the appointment of guardianship. When this happens, you can count on Theander & Grimes, PLLC to be there to represent you and protect your best interests.

Our team of lawyers in Katy, Texas know the ins and outs of estate planning and elder law, giving us unmatched insight into probate and guardianship processes. By using us as your legal representatives in court, you gain all of our own experience and knowledge as your advantage.

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Reasons Why Probate & Guardianship Cases Reach Litigation

When a case reaches litigation, it means that two opposing parties in a legal dispute or process could not reach a compromise or agreement. The court will have to intervene to make a final choice on the matter, either through a judge’s ruling or the verdict of a jury. Probate and guardianship cases are just the same as other legal issues when they go to litigation. You will want to be more than prepared for the legal battle ahead, or else risk the court ruling out of your favor.

Why probate might end up contested and in need of probate litigation:

  • Questioned legitimacy of decedent’s will
  • Argued misinterpretation of decedent’s final wishes and intentions
  • Perceived unfair distribution of inheritances

Why guardianship might go to litigation:

  • Challenged appointment of guardianship
  • Selected guardianship may be unlawful

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Our Katy litigation lawyers are fully committed to reaching a positive conclusion to your case, even if it means going to court on your behalf. We do not back down from any opposition when it comes to matters of litigation. Your future will be impacted by how your guardianship or probate case ends, so we act with the focus and urgency you expect and deserve.

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